MENTOR 12 Hợp bộ thử Rơ Le 3 pha kỹ thuật số
  • MENTOR 12 Hợp bộ thử Rơ Le 3 pha kỹ thuật số
  • Giá bán: 10.000.000 VND
Mô tả:
EuroSMC proudly announces a new style of Relay Test Equipment: the Mentor 12. The Mentor 12 features leading-edge technology from the unique case design, an Adaptive Integrated Control, along with various power output configurations.

Human Interface: Adaptive Integrated Control, an advanced concept in context-driven operation, with an 8-inch attractive, easy to use high resolution color touch panel.

Flexibility: Extensive choice of options in the (up to 12) power channel configurations, with plug & play technology. The best compromise between applications and budget.

Productivity: The Mentor 12 has been designed to easily test any type of protective relay, including the electromechanical, with their high demand of injection power, and the latest numerical and digital relays, with sophisticated protective functions like distance, differential, power swing, reclosing, synchronization and many others.

Quality: The top-class craftsmanship and design from EuroSMC, in a compact, robust and reliable package.